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Why Cosmos?

Cosmos Intelligence puts you in



Our unique platform gives you

visibility of how well your print

environment is working for you.


Cosmos Intelligence drives our performance and underpins our

service delivery, allowing you to

track your print estate – entirely

or at a device level.

An optimised document

environment will reduce

Total Cost of Ownership and relieve pressure on your support staff.

Cosmos  has the technology,

people and expertise to drive

efficiencies across your print


Bottom line pressure to reduce

costs or improve margins exist

across all sectors, regardless

of size or business maturity.

Whether you are new to MPS

or looking to switch to an

independent specialist we are

confident that we can realise


cost benefits for you.

We know that getting

your device up

and running is

business critical.

Protecting your business, systems and data by securing access to and from your print environment.



We Are IT Led at Cosmos it’s the combination of people, technology and process that really makes the difference.




Managed Print Services

Cosmos is a company focused on helping organisations control and reduce the total cost of ownership across their IT and office print infrastructure.
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