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Streamline & Accelerate Productivity.


An optimised document environment will reduce Total Cost of Ownership and relieve

pressure on your support staff.

Cosmos  has the technology, people and expertise to drive efficiencies across your print environment.

We are confident we can provide a better user experience, improve key service metrics

and automate document workflows to make your business work faster and smarter.

How can you Help me?

Cosmos will review your IT print infrastructure, current workflow and user behavioural

patterns to help you work smarter, rationalise resources and streamline operations.

Cosmos Intelligence allows us to offer proactive service and support with device

monitoring, automated toner replenishment to keep you up and running.

Consolidated reporting will enable you to track usage and operational performance as we

identify areas for further improvement.

Key Drivers for Boosting Efficiency

Existing IT print 
is not
performing to
full potential
Cost management of print estate is complex and time consuming
user experience diminishes
user productivity
Drive to streamline manual document processes within the organisation
Poor visibility and service provision puts unnecessary pressure on resources

Document Workflow Solutions

Our consultants will recommend solutions to automate your manual intensive document processes

or offer a broader portfolio of IT Services to enhance collaboration or boost efficiency in the workplace.

Free-Up Resources

Cosmos will truly manage your print environment to make it efficient and as seamless as possible.

We provide a single point of contact and centralised Service Desk to reduce your internal

helpdesk calls and offer automated meter reading to alleviate the pressure of administering your own fleet.

Reduce Complexity

We simplify billing to make it easy for you to manage costs and predict expenses and improve the

user experience is by standardising devices and support processes to drive employee productivity.

Get Started

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