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Cost Reduction

Bottom line pressure to reduce costs or improve margins exist across all sectors, regardless of size or business maturity.

Saving you money


Whether you are new to MPS or looking to switch to an independent specialist we are confident

that we can realise significant cost benefits for you.

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How can you Help me?

While consumable, hardware spend and volume reduction are the most immediate areas to target

for cost-savings, the need to transform and control costs will come from changing business objectives,

conditions or operating norms.

Our experience spans the delivery of cost-saving initiatives at different levels by optimising your

infrastructure and changing user print behavior. Cost savings can also be made by us assisting you to

understand the best finance model for your business, including moving from a capex model or by refinancing.

Key Drivers for Cost Reduction



Ability to predict expenses for better cost-management throughout the business



Minimise capital outlay by shifting assets off the balance sheet


Escalating consumable costs from a concentration of costly to run desktop printers



Suspect a rising cost for print administration is hidden in IT overheads


Buying has been devolved to departments resulting in poor device utilisation and lack of visibility


Limited resources exist to support a complex or multiple print infrastructure following

acquisition or merger.

If these drivers resonate with you, we can help.

Cosmos brings visibility and control to your print infrastructure via Cosmos Intelligence.

We provide a single-point of contact for any support you require and remove the administrative and replenishment burden from your internal resources with our centralised helpdesk and automated toner replenishment service.

We provide a single-contract and consolidate billing to help you predict expenditure.

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