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IT Expertise

Print Management Review & Recommendations

We have a wealth of specialist knowledge and skills on how to apply COTS solutions across our software

portfolio to best meet your needs.

Print infrastructure consolidation

Automation of the

end to end print

process and related


Driver management


Overall print

cost reduction

Communication of

OEM updates and

their specific impact

to the customer

Print security


Bespoke Print Management Solutions

OEM accreditation is just the start. We work closely with our partners and have an unparalleled knowledge

– we get underneath their solutions to gain an in-depth understanding.

As a result, our in-house developers can push the boundaries of print technology to ensure that you have

a solution that truly fits your unique requirements.

How we have helped:

​Real time Helpdesk Integration

Bespoke workflow

between multiple

OEM products




Enhanced secure

network compliancy






to core

MPS product



web portal


Cloud based

print / scan


Our approach to customer support within Cosmos is to constantly update and share knowledge throughout our

tiered support model so that our customers can expect the most rapid resolution to their print problem.

To enable this we have a constant flow of technical training from both OEMs and Cosmos senior technical

resources all the way through to our 1st line colleagues.

World Class Support for Print Solutions

Cosmos’s experienced Technical team are capable of working across the IT landscape as the source

of complex print issues often lie outside of the print solution. E.g. Network, firewalls, desktop, etc.

Working Across the

IT Landscape

Although our preferred methodology is ITIL IT Service Management, we can tailor our service provision

to meet your requirements. We have considerable experience working with customers who have adopted

alternative standards such as COBIT, MOF, CMMI etc.

Alignment With Standards

We Are IT Led

At Cosmos it’s the combination of people, technology and process that really makes the difference.

We put knowledge sharing high on our agenda and place critical focus on developing our IT expertise within

print – inclusive of print server, driver and queue management, print management technology and beyond to

thewider network landscape.

Our experience implementing the unique print requirements of industry verticals gives us the capability to resolve difficult problems and to deliver complex solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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