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Managed Print Services

Optimise Efficiency. Enhance Productivity. Reduce Costs.

Managing It All For You

Fleet optimisation is vital to transform your environment into a secure, cost-effective and reliable

MPS solution.

We help businesses realise process efficiencies, track usage and gain control to deliver the financial

and environmental savings you seek.

Key Benefits



Dedicated to forging deeper relationship to understand your company better.


Broad portfolio of IT Services to support evolving business needs.


Established MPS programme with strong track record across diverse customer base.


One supplier, one invoice, single point of contact Service Desk.


Industry recognition for demonstrating leadership and best practice in MPS and for our MPS platform.

Tailor-Made To Your Business

Our solutions are mapped to your needs after an in-depth analysis of your print infrastructure.

Cosmos includes document security, print management and device management software, automated toner replenishment and device rentals to service peaks and projects.

We reinforce this with strong nationwide service reliability, and a structured continual improvement

programme led by our customer management professionals.

Moving to an Independendant MPS?

Larger enterprises on their second or third MPS contract are often dissatisfied with their current MPS experience.


They report that the level of service and customer focus is not sufficient to drive through continual

improvement within their existing MPS relationship.

We actively manage your print infrastructure.


We remove print estate headaches and free-up your resources so you can focus on what you are good at. As specialists, we have a successful track record delivering cost reduction, environmental savings, and safeguarding

your organisation against risk from information leaks.

A Managed Print Service from Cosmos will boost your

efficiency, increase performance and reduce costs.


Cosmos has been developing transparent and bespoke MPS contracts for over 20 years;

we are Europe’s premier MPS provider because we listen to our customer’s needs.

At Cosmos we understand that MPS isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ or just a type of

contract – it’s a fully integrated business solution that will deliver a comprehensive service

led solution designed to achieve pre agreed business objectives and needs.

We understand you...

At Cosmos we understand your motivating factors for change and know that you need an MPS provider with strategic vision to accomplish your requirements.

We listen...

92% of our customers are highly satisfied with our performance.

While cost-reduction, management information and document security remain core to the MPS experience, our most recent customer survey found that service reliability, customer relationship management, and continuous improvement are now the most important priorities to drive satisfaction.

Cosmos’s customers have rated our performance highly in these areas, reinforcing our position as Europe’s leading MPS partner.



Customer Relationship Management



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