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Document Workflow

We don’t just automate. We redesign and optimise business processes for the better.

Key Challenges

Converged Cloud, Mobile, Print Technology.

Work on the go and access to business information anytime, anywhere is fast becoming the norm,

demonstrating the need for strong mobile, BYOD and security policies and robust digital information

workflows and document management governance.

The average team is working on upto 8 clouds

Mobile workforce set to increase to 42% by 2020

Setting Control of Your Information, Securely

Organisations struggle to keep pace with the growth of information and the array of formats and devices used to create, capture, store and deliver.


The more data we handle the more inefficiencies are built into our workday, and the less productive we are.

85% of documents are never retrieved,

60% are obsolete

We can spend 30 mins looking for an

email or document


We can help protect and control data as it flows in and out of your organisation and through your business systems, ensuring compliance with GDPR and other industry regulations.

The Power Platforms & Ecosystems

Ever increasing volumes are driving the need to manage this data more efficiently, and securely.

Harnessing the power of platforms and ecosystems are two IT trends predicted to deliver cost reduction,

new service bundles, facilitate communication and collaboration and lay the foundation for resources to come

together to create value on the inside and outside of the organisation.

MPS is one platform that can be harnessed to capture, route and deliver information securely within the

new document ecosystem, ensuring you get digitally fit and achieve operational excellence, by changing the

way you do business.

Beyond MPS we can make you even more agile and responsive by creating new or streamlining other digital

and paper based information workflows that exist within and connect to and from your organisation.

Document Scanning & Routing

Archiving & Retention

Information Retrieval

Standards Enforcement

Automated Workflow


Key Benefits


Secure access to business information “anytime, anyplace”


Legal and regulatory compliance – e.g. GDPR, FSA


Information security maintained, controlled and improved


Faster online delivery of IT services


Facilitate collaboration across remote and/or distributed teams and/or locations


Enhanced, more responsive customer touchpoints


More productive colleagues, reduced time looking for information


Smooth handoffs (with audit trails) between workers and departments

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Get Started

Business rely on information to underpin operational strategy and drive business objectives. 

The increased role of IT and technology in supporting this brings its own pressures around security and the input, throughput and output of your business information as we push productivity boundaries.

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