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Digital Transformation Experience

Percentage of business content that is

unstructured or unmanaged, and nearly half is paper

Digital Transformation & MPS

Organisations leveraging their MPS investments are more confident about workflow integration and

see improvements in productivity, employee engagement and customer retention, as well as reduced costs.

Percentage of organisations

that say MPS is driving

digital transformation

Accelerating Digital Business


Focusing on workflows can significantly drive down costs and

help clients focus on their priorities – their customers, HP.

Integrating paper-based information into digital workflows will provide a real impact on productivity,

efficiency and cost reduction. Yet only 29% of organisations are effective as integrating these

information streams

Changing the way you work

We offer a range of business solutions to change the way you work.

We rethink your workflows – digitally transforming your document environment, making it more accessible,

secure and putting you in control of your valuable business information.

Helping your people become more productive by redesigning ineffective processes.

We provide Professional Services to help you identify areas of automation, integration and process optimisation so you can manage and control your information effectively, including:







Key Benefits




Operational Excellence


Get Digitally Fit


Future Ready


Improve security




More responsive to better serve customers

Enhanced collaboration and productivity across your organisation

Benefit from

leading industry specialist knowledge and expertise

Work With the Best

We do all of this ourselves. Our in-house consultants are IT print specialists, experts in their field with extensive experience delivering MPS, bespoke workflow and content management solutions.


Through our parent SCC we offer a broad portfolio of IT Services – a one-stop shop that includes hardware, software, networking and security, data centre and cloud services – to help keep you secure, mobile, agile and connected. Find out how digital transformation can help you achieve operational excellence.

Changing the way you control business information is vital.


Every day at work each one of us manages more information than we can handle efficiently, yet

we still expect to access everything on demand. This data deluge is disparate – usually unstructured

and unsecure – both physical and digital.

Manual processes or semi-automated workflows result in bottlenecks and labour intensive

routines open to security risks or that take time to respond to customers accurately.

Cloud, mobile and IoT present new challenges and opportunities as network end-points,

and workflows to and from them need to be securely managed to deliver the fast, superior

consumer experience customers demand.

Getting digitally fit will help you achieve operational excellence as the pressures of

cyber security, GDPR and regulatory compliance compete for tight resources.

Percentage of organisations that cite the integration of paper-based information into digital workflows as more than effective

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