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Cosmos Intelligence puts you in control. Our unique platform gives you visibility of how well your print environment is working for you.


Cosmos Intelligence drives our performance and underpins our service delivery, allowing you to track your print estate – entirely or at a device level. It pro-actively pre-empts and responds to your needs – so you know that your print solution will continue to perform as it should.

Customisable Dashboard

Drag widgets into view to for an at a glance summary of your fleet status.
Tailor the customer portal to show the dashboard analytics that are most important to your business.

Trend, measure and control your assets, see headline usage and performance information.

Information Rich



Operationally Integrated

Fully integrated into our logistics, fulfilment and scheduling systems to accelerate our service response.
Track consumable orders and fleet movements with pin-point accuracy.

Control on-site continuity – track orders, see who signs for delivery and when.

PROACTIVE TONER – we automatically replenish toner when it reaches a low threshold.

Next Day

Toner SLA




Full Service Transparency

Examine service and utilisation history to gain insight to potential issues
Two-way communication accelerates our service response.

Track our performance – we time stamp every call from the moment it is logged until we close it down.

LOG A CALL – track status updates from the original request to resolution

Log a Call

Log a

Meter Reading

Send a Query

Place an Order

Asset Management Control

In-depth visibility enables you to mange end-user expectations
Track device performance, service detail and volumes.

Information rich device detail – volumes, toner usage, service history and attributes.

AUTOMATED METER READINGS – view by day, week or month; we collect them everyday so you don’t have to.


Automated Meter






Full Service


Asset Management


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